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Wills, Trust and Tax Planning

Wills advice from NBM Solicitors

We offer advice on Wills

Reasons to make a will:
  • Don't assume your property will automatically go to your family on your death
  • Make sure you name guardians for your children otherwise they may end up wards of the state
  • Leave specific gifts to loved ones
  • You are never too young or too old
  • You can never have too little property to protect and your investments may grow!
  • Home made wills can be more costly to execute than professional wills

If you wish to proceed with making a will, download the appropriate form from the yellow box. Print it, fill it in and return to the address on the form.

Alternatively, if you require further information or a form by post, please contact our Sales department using the information below.

WILL drafting legal fees
Individual client will questionnaire
* price does not include vat
WILL drafting legal fees
Joint clients will questionnaire
* price does not include vat
0845 7419461
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